Month: August 2014

RF-BM-S02 CC2540 4.0 BLE Bluetooth to UART Transceiver Module

Description RF-BM-S01 BLE module applies CC2540 from TI as core processor. The module runs at 2.4GHz ISM band, with GFSK (Gaussian Frequency Shift Keying) modulation scheme. It has 40 channels (channel space at 2MHz), among which there are 3 fixed radio channels and 37 data channels of adaptive automatic frequency hopping. Physical layers can be […]

LM2596 DC-DC Switching Adjustable Voltage regulator Buck Converter Power

This small LM2596 module can convert a high voltage to a low voltage with the conversion efficiency up to 92%. Its output voltage can be conveniently adjusted using the on-board potentiometer. Specifications: Input voltage: 3-40V Output voltage: 1.5-35V (adjustable) Output current: Rated current is 2A, maximum 3A (if the output power more than 10W, the […]

UART TTL to WIFI Module Serial to wifi Support WPS Smart-LINK 802.11

1.1 Product Introduction Realize TTL and WIFI Network Two-way Transmission USR-WIFI232-T module is an integration of 802.11 b/g/n wi-fi module, which provides a wireless interface to any equipment with a serial interface for data transfer and has been widely applied in various fields. It has the following functions: Support IEEE802.11b/g/n Wireless Standards; Support TCP/IP/UDP Network […]

HM-10 CC2541 4.0 BLE Bluetooth to UART Transceiver Module

HM-10 CC2541 4.0 BLE Bluetooth to UART Transceiver Module 1.1 Description   HM-10 is Bluetooth V4.0 BLE version, using CC2541 from TI. It support three working modes: remote control, data transmission and PIO state acquisition. Module parameters can be modified through AT command conveniently. Transmission version can be used to transmit data between two Bluetooth […]